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New Black & White Cougar Rain Boots

I’m so excited to share a shiny new addition to my shoe closet & give you the chance to win a pair too! I’m always happy to get my hands on functional shoes and these short Chelsea style Cougar rain boots are no exception. The style is called “Terri” and I just love it in… Read more »

Spring Things

WONDERING WHAT TO WEAR ON THOSE MUDDY SPRING DAYS? Dan and I went for a short hike (ok, most definitely it was a walk) at Evergreen Brickworks the other day and I was totally channeling my inner English countryside girl with this outfit. England does rainy season so well! What’s the ‘recipe’ for perfecting that… Read more »

Real winter boots – never owned a pair. No, it’s not a joke and yes I do live in a city where it snows quite a bit! The reason is quite simple you see; I never found a pair of real winter boots that looked stylish. No offense to all the designers, but then again,… Read more »